A small cosplayer who is not afraid to be different <3
Cosplayer / Duelist / Furry / Chibi!

I’m going with my lovely @genexcosplayer to the Las Cruces Gaming Con this weekend on August 22-23!
I will be Ib on Friday and debating between Team Enforcers Yusei Fudo, regular Yusei Fudo, and then Marik Ishtar! :3 
Hope to see ya there! 😘


Sometimes you just have too much time on your hands but don’t fret friend because the internet is here for you:

H: Ib (download)

H: Re:Kinder* (download)

H: Paranoiac (download)

H: Misao* (download)

H: The Crooked Man (download)

H: Aooni (download)

H: The…


Credits by 朝日悠 


THE FACT THAT THERE ARE TONS OF MINOR EVENTS. So, I decided after meeting Garry to go all the way back in the game and I got these.

We have a Garry that tries to explain art


And when you find the naked woman painting he gets hit instead of you




My wonderful Jack Atlas is near completion~ now what’s a king without his proper attire? XD going to work on that pretty soon but for now here’s the master of faster! 💙
Jack Atlas: 45% Complete

#yugioh 5ds


Zero Reverse:

The manmade disaster, which resulted in the separation of the former Domino City from Neo Domino City. An intentional overload of the Momentum Reactor, developed by KaibaCorp’s M.I.D.S (Momentum Investigation and Development Section) to use as a perpetual energy source to power the city, caused the reactor to detonate, an event so catastrophically powerful that it triggered a massive earthquake, which opened fissures into the earth. 

A surviving researcher of M.I.D.S., Rex Godwin, became the director of Sector Security, and perpetuated the story among media outlets and in government forums that it was not a manmade disaster, but a natural one, covering up the suspicious activities of his elder brother, fellow researcher Rudger Godwin. 

Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, and Crow Hogan were all orphaned during this disaster. Yusei and Crow were in their infancy, and Jack was two years old. 

That’s intense

(Source: jimcarreying)

Just got our Arda wig for Jack Atlas!
Can’t wait to start him! He’ll be more easier then Yusei’s, thank god xD

Got Carly in today and I’m so happy everything fits! :3 
Some miner fixes I’ll have to do but I will take excellent care of this Cosplay!
Thank you so much @malinda_chan and Ex Shadow!
I hope you get enough money to get to Japan!